2014: a skate odyssey

GO-GO Gent is proud to host the second edition of the European WFTDA tournament,

2014: a skate odyssey.

Yet again, we embark on an interstellar adventure, challenging ten of the top WFTDA teams in Europe to a three-day battle that makes Star Wars look like child's play. 

Who will follow up the Berlin Bombshells and take home the coveted, already famous Jawbreaker trophee?

Find out live at the only European WFTDA spring tournament, get over to Gentbrugge, Belgium and cheer the teams to victory!


The 10 WFTDA teams that have promised to treat everyone on amazing, high-level roller derby:

- Central City Rollergirls (UK)

- Copenhagen Roller Derby (DK)

- Gent GO-GO Roller Girls (BE)

- Kallio Rolling Rainbow (FI)

- Leeds Roller Dolls (UK)

- London Rockin'Rollers (UK)

- Nidaros Roller Derby (NO)

- Oslo Roller Derby (NO)

- Paris Roller Girls (FR)

- Rainy City Roller Girls (UK)


 Ticket rates:

- EARLY BIRD weekend ticket: 39,- euro *

- 3-day weekend ticket: 44,- euro

- Friday 30th May ticket: 12,- euro

- Saturday 31st May: 17,- euro

- Sunday 1st June - Finals: 18,- euro


* Limited number of early bird tickets, availabe until 31st of March or until sold out


Payment methods:

Be smart, pay via wire transfer and skip the 2,5 euro reservation cost. 

Wire transfer to

IBAN: BE17 0016 9228 3521 


Name: Gent GO-GO Rollers Girls VZW 
Message: 2014:skod + your order ID + name on ticket(s)

Tickets will be on hold for 5 working days, if we did not receive your payment by then, they will become available again for other 2014:skod lovers.

Other option: pay via paypal - 2,5 euro reservation cost


Stay up-to-date on 2014:skod !

Official website: 2014skod.com

2014:skod facebook page


* Terms and conditions*

Purchased tickets cannot be refunded under any circumstances.

Tickets can change owner yet a notification of the name change should be sent to gogogent@gmail.com


Weekend ticket (€44.00)
Friday 30 May (€12.00)
Saturday 31 may (€17.00)
Sunday 1st June (€18.00)
EARLY BIRD weekend Ticket (€39.00) - Sales stopped

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May 30, 2014 09:00 - June 01, 2014 19:30 (GMT +01:00 Brussels)

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Sports Venue Driebeek
Driebeekstraat 22
9000 Gent

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